Short, snappy and hopefully pretty sharp. Then I’ve done my job for the day. I’m diving straight into the business of Instagram. This is a post for all those of you who are just starting to crank your wheel on the world’s biggest social media sensation since … I’m snapping my fingers trying to think of something as phenomenal as Instagram’s billion plus subscribers. Perhaps I could mention it with some nostalgia.

Back in the day, you had the granddaddy of them all; YouTube. Today, Instagram isn’t exactly the new kid on the block anymore, but there you go. Anyway, here’s my six big tips on how to get Instagram followers growing on your platform, like money growing on trees. Okay, maybe not that then. Anyway, the six things you can do to grow your Instagram following are as follows. Numero uno; keep a regular diary. Second, make sure you’re posting regularly. Third, make sure of making your work as promotional as possible.

Number four is this. Because Instagram’s focus is all visual, you’re going to be paying attention to the creation of captivating photos. Further, it’s worthwhile mentioning that you can buy your Instagram followers too. Lastly, and also important, is the working of your brand, particularly if you’ve just started out. Now, when it comes to effective marketing on a social media platform, Instagram in particular, good timing is all important. This is what you use your diary for. You can strategize with this, create a functional schedule of forthcoming events.

Apart from your photographic impressions, the modus operandi for generating interest on an Instagram platform is regular posting work. Even today, once a day is no longer considered to be enough. So, in this regard, you’ll be looking at your target markets and the kind of products or services you’re promoting. Speaking of which, whether or not you’re going to be giving present and future followers something to chew on as far as promotions or seasonal sales go, you’ll be keeping the tone of your posts positively promotional.

And that goes for your photos especially. If you’re going to be vain enough to be a regular feature of these photos, then make sure that you’ve groomed yourself well and you’ve made yourself professionally presentable. Also, give viewers a good body shot, from the prominence of your smiling face to at, well, actually, when you think about this, it’s not that important. I think the focus is going to be more on product and demonstration, as the case may be for you. And furthermore, put enough color in your posts and make sure they’re bright enough to be viewed compatibly across all devices and across platforms and links.

Running out of time, got to get this post out. Work on creating a brand that distinguishes yourself. Try your level best to be unique with this exercise. And why buy followers? Well, you’re starting from zip, so this is something to feed the perception of others that you’re okay. If you’re looking for a reliable service to buy Instagram followers and likes, we recommend

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