I’m one of the luckiest guys in the world. Hope someday soon that this will be your story soon.  Becoming a successful influencer, it must be said, doesn’t happen overnight, but to help you get there sooner rather than later, you can read plenty of good stories on how to get followers on Instagram. Instagram is all about telling good stories to make a strong selling case for your products, services or good causes.

For now, though, my work is all about motivation. Self-motivation is a strong suit for successful entrepreneurs, but let the best of them tell you that it’s always good to receive a good heave-ho from others. Although it does work sometimes, I’m not going to be that hard on you, not the proverbial kick in the backside, but a good dose of spirited and uplifting motivation. Nothing better to get the juices flowing.

And get you up in the morning. I’m focusing on moving you in the right direction of creating and composing your own stories. It’s got to be unique, as far as I’m concerned. No copying and pasting, please, your sharp followers will find you wanting and they’ll drop you like a bomb. So, if you’ve got your own product or service lined up, then it shouldn’t be that difficult. You’ll be telling your own stories.

Buy your first followers, but be warned, they will not read your stories. They’re what you could call your artificial insemination. But later, down the line? Oh, wow!

Anyway, tell your readers what you know about the business you’re in. Motivate why your product is good for them. If you’re trying to influence readers about a particular cause that’s close to your heart, then try and practice what you preach. Hopefully, you’re going to have good stories on real live events in which case you were able to make a difference.

And of course, it’s also quite magic. Instagram is definitely not all about the writing. Instagram is about the picture. You can give them stills, or you can give them a video. So, if you guys are running a soup kitchen in the middle of town, you can capture the work as it happens and, there you go, the proof is in the pudding. It’s there for all to see. Of course, the same goes for your commercial angle. If it’s relevant, you can give your future followers a live or recorded demo of what’s going on in your store or workshop, as the case may be for your business.

Oh, and this is very important. Apart from buying your followers and growing your platform organically, you’ll want to become a follower too. In this way, you’ll be connecting with good, decent, honest to goodness likeminded folks who would just love to read your stories. Well, I’m really happy with how this story has turned out. Hope you liked it too. Let me know. Just press the like button. There you go.

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